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Re: MLB Discussion - 2012 Season

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However, you know that there would be universal criticism if these were Philly fans.
I disagree. There are certain teams whose fans are almost expected to act like this. Phillies, Yankees, Raiders, that type of thing. If those teams' fans decided to start some shit, I doubt anyone would be surprised. More like, "Oh there they go again."
Well, no. That's the point. The reaction would be "of course they would do this, they're phillies fans." However, with the Braves, it's mixed with sympathy of their frustration from the call. That sympathy wouldn't be there.

But who ever thought that Braves fans would do this? They're not supposed to act that way. Neither were Cardinals fans. You'd no more expect them to throw trash on the field than you'd expect to see a mosh pit at a Celine Dion concert...
Sports fans are sports fans. I expect Braves fans to do this because they care about their team. I wouldn't expect Marlins fans to do this, on the other hand, because they don't care. It's not about the city.

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