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My bad, I should have put "not made anymore."
It all depends on whether Simon & Schuster Audioworks has maintained a license for publishing "Star Trek" audios. I guess we find out if an unabridged CD set is released of the next movie's novelization. Did enough people support the last one? Did people see it at retail? (I didn't.)

How popular are the ST audios? Even in the late 80s and early 90s, my local bookshop might have imported 20-30 copies of each new novel, but only one or two copies of a simultaneously released audio. Three months later, general bookshops would get in five or so novels, but only ever one copy of an audio would appear on the audio spinner racks. Eventually, distribution became so unreliable Down Under, I'd just pre-order my ST audios from Amazon each time.
80s and 90s? Audio books were still mostly a foreign concept back then, my friend. In fact as you well know most audiobooks from that era were tape cassettes and those were annoying to work with. And to be honest even CDs are of little interest these days for audiobooks. No offense but we can't judge the audiobook market by old measurement techniques. Go to a book store and you'll notice that the audiobook sections have gotten smaller. Most people are getting their audiobooks through downloads now. They are cheaper. An unabridged audio download is often cheaper than an abridged CD version of the same book. The digital downloads are also far more convenient to use. I'll mention it again...the audiobook industry in general is growing because people are pressed for time and an audiobook allows them to multi-task. Audible has grown big enough that it actually advertises on network TV. My question is whether S&S wants to dip a toe in the market with its Star Trek franchise to see if there is enough demand.
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