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I voted "I like it more," and I'm not surprised to see that option winning handily. I watched most of Season One when it first aired and was pretty underwhelmed, and tuned out until I happened to catch one of the Augments episodes a couple of years later. That got me back into the show and I ended up really loving Season Four (which is still my favorite season). When I went back and did a full rewatch of the show last year on Netflix, I found myself liking the earlier episodes more, too.
Those Augment episodes were what got me watching it again too! I randomly flipped through SyFy showing Enterprise one day and was like... Holy crap, it's Brent Spiner!!
For me it wasn't Brent Spiner (though that was a nice bonus), I've just always been really interested in Khan and the Eugenics Wars, and the nature of genetic engineering in the Star Trek universe. I always thought they didn't nearly do as much with that stuff as they could have. So when I realized what was going on in "Borderland" I was pretty much hooked right away.
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