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Re: Different Generations uniforms?

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They should have just used the TNG series uniforms for GEN, and debuted the new grey uniforms in FC.
They really couldn't use the TNG uniforms on screen because they were five years old and were very worn. (For similar reasons, that's why the sets were lit so darkly -- that hid how worn down the sets were.)
They could only afford to make new DS9 style uniforms for Picard and Data. Frakes had to borrow Avery Brooks' uniform which is why it looked too small for him, and LeVar Burton had to wear Colm Meaney's uniform.

Worf, Troi, and Crusher all wore the TNG series uniforms for the entire movie. They looked fine. They actually asked Dorn which uniform he wanted to wear in GEN and he picked the series version.
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