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ENTER! TV and Med Avatar Contest: Fictional Politicians

Inspired by the current election season, the topic is “fictional politicians”: federal/national, state or local elected public officials in movies, TV and other media.

The rules:

  • No sci-fi or fantasy. For the purposes of the contest all forms of Batman and/or Bond are sci-fi/fantasy.
  • The officials must hold elective office. No monarchs. No military officers. No spouses of elective officials, such as First Ladies. Appointed or civil service government employees don’t count. For example: Adam Schiff on “Law and Order” is the District Attorney. District Attorneys are elected. He’d count. Jack McCoy was eventually elected DA on the same show so he’d count as well. On the other hand, Ben Stone, Claire Kinkaid and all the other assistant DAs, who are appointed/civil servants would not.
  • No real life politicians or historical figures. No actors playing real life politicians or historical figures. For example: No Gov. Sarah Palin...or Tina Fey playing Gov. Sarah Palin. No President Abe Lincoln...or Daniel Day Lewis playing President Abe Lincoln.
  • Please follow standard avatar size rules and please keep it work-safe.
The poll will go up Wednesday, October 10, evening hours US EST.

Thanks and good luck!
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