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Re: Which one is your favorite Star Trek Movie?

1. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan - Shatner's best turn as Kirk. Montalban was a Trek villain that has been often imitated and completely unequaled. The themes of friendship and sacrifice are poignant and resonate to this day. The battle scenes are tight and exciting. James Horner's score was a beautiful surprise and it's no surprise that he rips it off to this day. Easily the best of the Classic Trek films.

2. Star Trek - The Classic Trek characters with a twist. A new cast. A new production crew. A new beginning. I took everything I loved about Classic Trek and amped it up to a ten. The movie that brought me back to the Trek fold after Voyager, Enterprise and Insurrection soured me on my beloved franchise.

3. Star Trek: First Contact - Proof that the TNG crew could make it on the big screen. This movie has it all! A implacable villain in the Borg. A unique setting for Star Trek: a post-apocalyptic 21st Century. A bold hero succumbing to deep emotional wounds. It had all the fun and adventure of the Classic Trek films and proved again that Star Trek really loves Moby Dick!

4. The Final Frontier

5. The Motion Picture

6. The Voyage Home

7. Generations

8. Nemesis

9. The Search for Spock

10. The Undiscovered Country

I won't include Insurrection on this list because it's shit. Pure shit.
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