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Re: GMO foods.

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I don't mind that GMO food exists, I just think it should be clearly labeled (same with irradiated food (I'll never buy milk off of a regular store shelf)). The ingredients section on packages/cartons should have an asterisk next to all of the GMO ingredients used as well. I prefer organic food, and I've been eating organic produce long enough now that I can taste the difference (or at least I could when I tried eating a non-organic banana last week).

The only time/thing I don't like about GMO food is when it's pushed off on people (and if it's not stated that's what the food is by poor labeling). If you watch Food, Inc., then you'll really not like how some American farmers are being pushed into using GMO soy for their crops. Unlike regular soy you can naturally replant each year, the GMO soy seed has to be sold to the farmers on a yearly basis (read: expensive) for them to have a crop and the farmers are watched like they are under CIA surveillance. It was interesting to watch. Of course you could say it's a movie with an agenda and just one side of the story (after all don't farmers get subsidies?), but it was an interesting side nonetheless.
Now that I can agree on. To me, GMO foods are just as safe and healthy as their organic counterparts. The problem is in the politics, but even then you have to keep in mind that everything in this country that has the potential for massive profit is going to be controlled from the top down no matter what.
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