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Non-Trek Staffing Question

In the back of my mind I've had an idea batting around for a non-Trek sci-fi story. I've yet to set down the universe, work out if/what aliens to include, technology, etc. Also the plot is really up in the air, a couple of things I do know is that it will be set on a space-going container ship (living section at the front, lots of cargo containers down the middle, and the engineering section at the back with the engines, pretty standard layout), and that the main focus would be on one of the deckhands.

The thing is, I want it to have a small crew and have been looking at lots of different sources for current container ships to get some ideas. I have a shortlist drawn up, and I just wanted to see if it seemed reasonable and practical.

Captain - An obvious position, has watch from 0600-1000 and 1800-2200
First Mate - Again a straight forward post, has watch from 1000-1400 and 2200-0200
Second Mate - The last command-level officer, has watch from 1400-1800 and 0200-0600

During each watch, another officer would also be on the Bridge. I'm wondering whether to make the a jack-of-all-trades, or given them specific duties:
Signaller/Radio Operator

Each shift would have an Engineer at work, whether Chief Engineer, Second Engineer or Third Engineer.

Then there would be the deck/services/dogsbody department:
Boatswain - Foreman of the Deckhands, sees to all the on-site work and what not
Cook - Doesn't need explaining
Medic - This is a post I'm not sure on keeping, I like the idea of a dedicated medic, due to the nature of the work and long periods away from support, but they wouldn't really have much to do
Deckhands - Six of them onstaff, with two on each shift. They do everything, from low-level maintenance, to loading cargo, to mopping floors, it ain't glamerous but its necessary

That's a crew of eighteen, with six per shift.

Thoughts, ideas, opinions?

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