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Re: Envisioning the world of 2100

The failure of the Very Light Jet model makes me question privatization. Right now, NASA looks to leave LEO to Musk. That's a reasonable enough of a compromise. I think Tesla motors was a distraction. Listening to the elderly is a sign of wisdom. Take Lutz's critique of Musk in thinking Moorse law applies to cars. Space should be Musk's only calling. He is doing everything in house. That's a good way to go.

The next launch looks to be continuing apace:

Can't wait for Falcon Heavy.

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Sounds like something Publiusr needs to view.
I'm not the one who thought kerosene (RP) was a hypergolic, remember?

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Early in the development of the Shuttle they considered putting the SSME's under the external tank (the aeronatical engineers were saying it was very advantageous, especially early in the flight, since the thrust vectors would be more aligned with the center of mass).
That's what I really wanted all along--an Americanized Energiya
The astronauts keep the orbiter, you have an HLLV for BEO, and EELV type strap-ons. That would have been a true space transportation system. Side mount would have allowed for outsized payloads, like orbiter sized NASP or waverider boilerplates that would be too bulky to place atop an LV due to pitch loads and bending moments.

Maybe this will be ready by 2100:

Some other concepts to look for

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