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Re: Enterprise-D vs. Voyager (extenuating circumstances)

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You know I suspect that a Galaxy Class vessel that was consturcted in 2371 and an Intrpeid Class that was constructed in 2371 would have identical sensors.
I would say I agree... but we aren't talking about that.
As it was already established, we have 0 evidence to support the claim the Enterprise-D or the Galaxy class in general are 'more powerful' than Voyager or Intrepid class star-ships.

Phasers were never stated/implied to operate on the principles that length of arrays has anything to do with power output (this is rather inferred by the Phaser TYPE... and both vessels seem to have Type-X phaser arrays) - rather the length seems to imply coverage.

We do know the Galaxy class has over 200 torpedoes.
The Intrepid's torpedo storage capacity is unknown (because for a vessel of that size, I doubt that 36 would be the 'limit' especially when we take into account that Voyager was launched with a 2 week mission in mind to track down a small Maqui ship - with no supplies - I would sooner estimate the Intrepid class torpedo storage capacity to be in the range of 100/150 or perhaps half of that found on Galaxy class ships).
Either way, neither vessel's shields would likely last long enough to the point where exhausting torpedo supply would become an issue.

Shields... to my knowledge, I don't think we know anything concrete in regards to how powerful either are (seeing how canon evidence seemingly changes this info).
But there's no reason to think the Intrepid would feature less powerful shields - not if it was built with similar philosophy in mind as the Defiant - more compact version of larger ships - the Intrepid being able to get away with minimum amenities for the crew due to its size while matching firepower and shields found on Galaxy class ships, while the Defiant due to its very small size cannot feature any amenities and thus most of its space is optimized for offensive/defensive capacity which makes it comparable to larger ships - see the battle between the upgraded Excelsior class ship and the Defiant for reference - and the Defiant winning a battle against Jem'Hadaar ships only means that anti-Borg systems merely made its weapons and shields more effective against the Dominion ships whereas the Odyssey lacked them - We've seen SF not upgrading some of its ships on a regular basis and behaving like utter morons in ignoring the Borg as a threat).
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