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Re: My Hard Drive is About to Crash- What Should I Do?

I am typing this on my itty bitty smart phone, so sorry for any errors. I went to about 10 different stores today to compare prices and see what tech was available. Flash drives seem like a more expensive way to go if i actually want to save all my files. External hard drives r more expensive than i think they r in america... and theyseem to be the same price as the internal hard drive. I did not know beforehand, but i guess u need to know if your computer is a usb 2.0.or 3.0 when buying an external hd? My computer has a usb 2.0.... does that 100% mean that something labelled as usb 3.0 wont work with my computer?

Can i just use an external hd like a giant usb? Meaning i can save files on it and then access them on another computer (making chanes and saving them and maybe saving new files to the external hd too)? Or, should i buy norton ghost and then just ghost my hd? If i ghost my hd to an external hd of the same storage space as my laptop(320 gb), then does that mean i would have to ghost my computter all over again to add a,new file? I am assuming i can ghost something over and over again to one hd (knowing rhat the old versio will be replaced by the new).
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