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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Ok, this is it, I think, (I have 3 turrets for the back, but I am not using them, they are not as effective dealing with fighters as beam array is) I totally forgot why universal borg module was in my tactical slot, it beggars belief, could be when i was reshuffling consoles i forgot to move it in to science console tab as totally forgot about that little fiasco. Oh btw, keep all my credits in my bank account thingy, does that count towards 10 million credit limit or I can have 10 million there and 10 million in my inventory as well, giving me a grand total of 20 million? I hate wasting zen on stuff i really don't need, considering i have only 625 left and not much dilithium to go by, u can only refine 8000 of it each day, which I think its really stupid, they should increase the limit to 20 000 I think, as currently all items at the fleet base would take 3-5 days worth of dilithium to buy anything worth.

I was thinking of getting fleet's very rare mark XII shields, engines, everything including weapons and consoles, have just about enough for it, but not sure if its worth it ?

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