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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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Yeah, I really enjoyed the "Princess" episodes too.
But then again, I absolutely love Chiana, and I think A Human Reaction is one of the best Season 1 episodes.
I'm honestly kind of starting to wonder if Farscape just isn't for you. You seem to be have quite a bit of trouble dealing with some pretty important elements of the series.
I like the show a lot. I don't think hating Chiana is enough reason for me to give up the show, and neither is really disliking overly cliche stories. Looking at the synopsis on wikipedia, it looks like the episodes get better after the Princess trilogy, so I'll probably just read in depth summaries of those three episodes (and Beware of Dog and Won't get Fooled again) and then just continue watching from The Locket.

Edit: Just read an in depth summary of the Princess trilogy. John gets together with the woman for political reasons, gets turned into a statue for some stupid reason that I didn't really understand, gets beheaded, but then fixed. Something weird happens to Moya when a weird person appears, and she tries to kill herself (or the weird guy makes it seem like thats what she's doing, the summaries were a page an episode and I just skimmed the pages at points), until the person stops it because Zhaan is "worthy". Scorpius apparenty has a cooling rod in his head where his brain should be. D'argo is in a relationship with Jar Jar. Aeryn is pretty pointless in the episode. It all turns out fine in the end. I saved myself several hours, and now I know what happened (I read more than what I just posted, I know about Moya/Zhaan escaping from Scorpius, I just posted the bigger plot points). Now, I can move on to good episodes.

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