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Re: Enterprise-D vs. Voyager (extenuating circumstances)

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Voyager has "transphasic warp" (or whatever the correct term is).
Wasn't that basically a fictional device that the Doctor just "made-up" while have a conversation with Chakotay?
My memory of Voyager episode details is admittedly sparse, as it wasn't my favorite series of the franchise. It wasn't transphasic warp, but quantum slipstream drive. This was technology gained from Arturis in "Hope and Fear".
And they weren't able to get it to work so the scraped it.

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You know I suspect that a Galaxy Class vessel that was consturcted in 2371 and an Intrpeid Class that was constructed in 2371 would have identical sensors.
Theoretically, though not necessarily. And we are not speaking of any Galaxy class, we are speaking of the Enterprise.
And seeing as its the flagship they would probably have their sensors upgraded. They don't just build the ship and keep its tech the same despite advances in technology.

Personally I choose the Enterprise, but honestly I cannot come up with a specific reason why.
Probably because its the fracking Enterprise.
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