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Yep, that there pasteurization is evil stuff.

I love Luddites.
Ahh, here we go with putting words in one's mouth, a popular online game, it seems.

What I am saying is that we should be allowed to buy or sell raw milk. It should not be where authorities crack down on dairy farmers, which has been done, because some people merely wanted raw, unpasteurized milk, me being one of them. We should be allowed that option. Hell, I eat raw eats all the time, and I have yet to keel over from that. I think we should have freedom to get the foods we want, as well as their being alternative medicines smiled upon as well. I just don't want it where we have one, and only one, option with stuff like this.
Yet you also advocating "joining the other countries in banning GMO foods". What happened to allowing me to enjoy them as much as you enjoy your milk? Labeling? Fine. Information is power for the consumer. But if I had to trade the FDA's tyranny over food to yours, I choose the FDA.
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