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Re: Holy ....! Doctor Who/Star Trek Crossover coming From IDW!

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The fifth issue reminded me of how static and dull Star Trek: The Next Generation could be at its worst.
Right - in many respects it is a faithful recreation of that era of Trek (although I'd argue their Picard isn't right) but this isn't a TV show being made in 1991 on a limited budget, it's a comic book made in 2012!
I agree that the characterization of Picard isn't right. He feels like movie-era Picard, not mid-TNG Picard.

For that matter, I think that the characterization of Troi and Crusher in the fifth issue was off, as well.

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We're in a comic book, there's no budget, and yet the story felt like one of the dull, talky bottle episodes they did because they needed to save on the budget.
Right, you have effectively an unlimited budget so you don't have to worry about blowing it - so why you have 24 pages of talking heads and a three page recap of an old episode is beyond me.
I scoured the flashback to "Best of Both Worlds" for something timey-wimey, something that shouldn't have been there, because that would have been about the only thing that would have justified three pages on that. Otherwise, they shouldn't have spent more than a single page on the flashback. It was necessary -- the Doctor had to understand Picard's relationship with the Borg -- but not at that length.

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I mean one of the characters you have to play with is Doctor Who - if you are writing a modern Doctor Who comic and it's page after page of people standing around talking, you've gone wrong.
Yep. Over in the Treklit forum Christopher pointed out recently that the two series have a mismatch in tone. I think the differences in tone could work, but they've haven't thus far.
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