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So is this island an independent country? A French colony? Shouldn't there be some government official?
Series co-creator Shawn Ryan discussed this in an interview that I thought I had linked to earlier, but it turns out I forgot to include the actual link:
How much thought went into building this island, the culture and history of it? How much do you know about this place?

Shawn Ryan: A lot, some of which we can't pull off from a production standpoint.

What do you mean?

Shawn Ryan: Karl and I had a vision of the city on the island, but we found some pictures of it that just proved a little impossible to pull off on Hawaii, so we've had to adjust kind of what the city is. In our minds there was a large central area, sort of like "Deadwood," even bigger than that, and that was just impossible to pull off. Now it's become these pieces. The bar is here and then the hospital is there and these other things over here and we're going to add to that as the show goes on, but it's impossible to make the one sort of big central on the water city that we had first imagined and envisioned when we came up with the show.

But historically, was this always an independent nation?

Shawn Ryan: We think it was French at one point. This was in French Polynesia and we think this was probably the French colonial thing. There is a native population that lives on the interior part of the island, and the exterior is a little bit more expats, faded hippies, people running away from something else in the world, vacationers, adventurers. There are volcanoes to climb here and waves to surf and everything, so we think on the outskirts, where we spend a lot of time, it's a very eclectic international place. And then you go inside and that's where the native population lives and so you get both those elements.
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