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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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And here is Part 3!

Lots of awesome bits here:
* Season 2 cinema event confirmed
* Information about the original audio
* I asked again about isolated scores: "if there’s a cry for it from the fans – I wouldn’t be surprised if we did it."
* Enterprise Blu-Rays... "there's talk"!
* DS9 Remastered... "still very hopeful that [DS9] will be one of the next big projects that we do" BUT "Keep writing, and keep buying TNG."

Enterprise on blu ray? Well, I'll be damned. Did not expect that coming out before the completion of TNG Remastered. Crazy thing is I would probably buy it. One, to show my support for Star Trek on blu ray and two to give the show a second chance after it tanked so badly on its original run (I personally hated the show back then). But how will they do it if the CGI is supposed to be in 720p? Thats too low for blu ray.
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