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Re: Babylon 5: The Gathering/In the Beginning

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Then again, I recommend folks who have lower tolerance for bad SF to start with season 2 - as I am a heathen.
On the one hand: noticeable quality increase.

On the other hand: you miss quite a bit of setup.

I'd say that while you could abbreviate season 1, omitting it entirely probably isn't a good idea. But you could cut it down to 8-10 episodes (depending on how many of Chekhov's guns you want to see hung, vs. just fired) without doing noticeable harm to the story.
I have thought the same. These 8 are some of the better episodes of season 1, and gets you to seasons 2-4 quickly.

"Midnight on the Firing Line"
"Mind War"
"And the Sky Full of Stars"
"Signs and Portents"
"A Voice in the Wilderness (Part 1)"
"A Voice in the Wilderness (Part 2)"
"Babylon Squared"

Optional - Good episodes, and "The Quality of Mercy" is is not only has a fun B-plot, but introduces a major Chekhov's gun
"The Parliament of Dreams"
"Deathwalker" or "Believers"
"The Quality of Mercy"
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