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Re: Different Generations uniforms?

I believe the aborted uniforms were used for one day of filming, infact possibly the first day of filming (at least the first where someone in a 24th century Starfleet uniform appeared), see below

All though the quality is horrendous in places, you can clearly see La Forge wearing the uniform 17 seconds in. One could theorise that this particular scene was cut because they never went back and reshot it with Geordi in the normal uniform.

There is one other place where I believe the uniform pops up (albeit slightly modified): in the Voyager episode "Coda" as the uniform of Janeway's "father". In this case the collar has been removed, and it actually works quite well as a transition uniform between the modified movie-era uniforms seen in "Yesterday's Enterprise" and the uniforms of TNG Season 1. Shame they got the comm badge wrong though!

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