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Re: Release schedule for remainder of 2012/2013?

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Seriously though, perhaps if there were to be any novels in the new continuity, the ones set around the first movie could be called Star Trek colon something something (as the aborted four were) and the ones set around or following up on events from the second movie be called Star Trek Into Darkness colon something something.
Ugh. That'd be like calling Dayton Ward's first novel Star Trek V: The Final Frontier: In the Name of Honor. Or calling mine Star Trek: The Motion Picture: Ex Machina. Whatever the punctuation, STID is still just one installment in the series called Star Trek. So books should use the series title, not treat each installment title as a separate series title.
Unlike Star Trek: Typhon Pact: ... or Star Trek: DTI: ... or Star Trek: Mirror Universe: ... ?
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