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Re: Klingon Bird of Prey (whichever class)

Well; see that's just it. The bird of prey looks cool; I always thought so; but at the same time, I also know that most fan's know more about cannon than the writting staff.

i.e. how did we end up with more than one version of the Bird of Prey? My guess is the writting staff simply didn't know that the original size was suppose to be rather small, and made a guess about the crew complement, thereby giving us more than one size.

Anyway, they put movable wings on the thing; and say hey it's neat; and I agree the concept is neat, it gave us our first look at a ship warp capable starship (not shuttle) that had landing capablility.

But, as I got to thinking more about it over the years, I got to thinking that once again, the writting staff failed. That instead of folding down for attack; they should of had them fold mid/flat for attack, and down for warp flight. That in fact, they had it backwords of what it should of been.
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