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Hybrids are a lot different than what folks like Mon Santo do to make foods that have their own repelents and increase crop outcome (though it's a lie since many farmer in south america and india have committed suicide due to facts that the GMO's produce worse crop outcomes and they can't pay off their loans....or folks like Mon Santo taking away lands of farmers when they find out their seeds somehow made it to their farms without buying them, most of which happens by accident....also folks handling GMO cotton have to wear protective gloves because they are getting nasty skin rashes and all that). Hybrids are just cross breeding......GMO's are being changed on a much larger level.
There is not a lot of difference between creating a hybrid and genetical altering a planet via genetic modification.

Both are changing the DNA (genes) of a plant to create a desiered result. A better flower, fruit etc..

It just up until fairly recently we had to go about doing it via creating hybrids rather than modifing the DNA code at a DNA level.
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