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Re: Dexter - Season 7 (with Spoilers)

I gave up on Dexter years ago. But quite aside from the previous Deborah character was a daddy's girl who thought Daddy was an upright cop, any version of Deborah extant should be able to see more objectively than Dexter. Meaning, she would realize Daddy was actually crazier than a bedbug, guilty of a horrendously unique form of child abuse. Having her realize this is far less interesting or significant than having Dexter learn it for himself. But the newest Deborah should at least develop a terrible case of survivor's guilt over having survived Psycho Daddy.

It occurs to me that Psycho Daddy is awkwardly long. I suggest he be dubbed Zeus, since he gave birth to Deborah sans female. There was the occasional woman in the odd flashback, but she was obviously just a prop.
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