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Re: Last Resort was Awesome.

I liked it, but some things were still a bit off for me:
  • The Russian transponder that identified itself as TRANSPONDER
  • The COB disagreeing with the captain I can see; the COB trying to frag an officer I just don't buy--neither of them are Vietnam era draftees nor is she directly over him
  • So is this island an independent country? A French colony? Shouldn't there be some government official?
  • Why would a submarine officer ever be inserted into North Korea?
Still looking forward to next week. It almost helps if I think of this as a Star Trek episode: Kirk or Picard has gone rogue rather than follow an evil admiral's orders and the Klingons or the Romulans try to involve themselves (the Russians).

The episode felt like it was the second day of a miniseries rather than standalone episode number two, which I like a lot. This is not the kind of series that strikes me as something that can a "________ of the Week" kind of thing--sort of like Vegas which seems to want to do a mob story as a "Sheriff Investigates the Murder pf the Week."
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