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Re: Star Trek: Of Gods and Men

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Yeah, JJ has his money
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Ditto; I'm so freaking tired of the time travel, alternate universe, differnt time stream stuff, I'm almost sick of Star Trek.

I hated the REBOOT

If I want time travel, I watch Dr. Who, Star Trek was supposed to be about exploration, interactions, complex cultures, etc etc....
But time-travel has been a part of Trek since the 4th epsiode and has been regularly featured ever since. It's as much a part of Trek lore as anything else, IMO.
Indeed it has. Besides its inclusion at the climax of The Naked Time, time travel was an essential part of the premise of no less than 4 TOS episodes (one of which won a Hugo Award):
  • Tomorrow Is Yesterday
  • The City on the Edge of Forever
  • Assignment: Earth
  • All Our Yesterdays
Just by one measure of relevance to Star Trek, altogether five episodes is as many as those that went to Vulcan or had Romulans, put together:
  • Balance of Terror
  • Amok Time
  • Journey to Babel
  • The Deadly Years
  • The Enterprise Incident
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