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Re: What If It All Went Nu?

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What would Nu-Picard be like commanding the 1613m Enterprise-D (going by the stupidly upgraded scaling of the Nu-Enterprise)?
When the size of the pretend spaceship upsets you, you're officially watching it wrong.
It doesn't upset me. I just don't see how the destruction of one ship led to the Constitution-Class more than doubling in size.

If someone could supply a logical arguement for it I could accept that, but I just don't get it.

Surely I can't be alone in that respect?
Well, since the USS Kelvin was huge too, and it's now part of Prime-Trek's history, it's more a case of what didn't happen to shrink Starfleet's top of the line ships to make them smaller.

Or perhaps the Enterprise from TOS simply wasn't the largest Starfleet had to offer? A 2260's equivalent to a Voyager rather than an Enterprise-D.
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