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If you are german there are some newish audiobooks for you.
Yeah, has unabridged German audios of :

Eine neue Ära (Taking Wing)
Der rote König (The Red King)
Die Hunde des Orion (Orion's Hounds)
Schwert des Damokles (Sword of Damocles)
Stürmische See (Over a torrent Sea)
Synthese (Synthesis)

all read by Detlef Bierstedt, who was the German voice of Riker during TNG and Generations.

Der Vorbote (Harbinger)
Rufe den Donner (Summon the Thunder)
Ernte den Sturm (Reap the Whirlwind)
Offene Geheimnisse (Open Secrets)
Vor dem Fall (Precipice)
Enthüllungen (Declassified) is planned for December
They seem to plan to release the remaining two relatively soon, too.

all read by Dietmar Wunder, who among other things is the German voice of Daniel Craig, so Bond is reading Star Trek for you

Götter der Nacht (Gods of Night)
Gewöhnliche Sterbliche (Mere Mortals) is planned for this month
Verlorene Seelen (Lost Souls) is planned for November

read by Lutz Riedel, who was the dubbing director for the TNG movies

If you want to hear how it sounds, here is a listing of the titles, just click on Hörprobe and you get an audio excerpt.
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