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Re: Would Nemesis have been better if Jonathan Frakes had directed?

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Probably not. Sadly, all of the TNG movies were subpar and had glaring holes in them. The producers should have just made a Season 8 and concluded the series with a 3- or 4-part finale, instead of those crappy movies.

well I liked both Generations and FC, but even if I had been disappointed in both, I think a TNG season 8 would have been a very bad idea. TNG was clearly running out of gas by the end of the show run. Folks tend to forget this because of the well-received AGT, but season 7 was one of the worst of the entire series.
Marina Sirtis has said recently that TNG's 7th season was a victim of the POTB cutting it's budget and forwarding it to DS9. We the audience could also come to this conclusion. Along with the budget many TNG writers and idea men also jumped ship for DS9. I find it funny that with all that the first 2 seasons of DS9 are terrible and boring, despite a majority of the producing and writing talent spending years on TNG. You would think they would've had a working formula by then.
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