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Re: GMO foods.

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Yep, that there pasteurization is evil stuff.

I love Luddites.
Ahh, here we go with putting words in one's mouth, a popular online game, it seems.

What I am saying is that we should be allowed to buy or sell raw milk. It should not be where authorities crack down on dairy farmers, which has been done, because some people merely wanted raw, unpasteurized milk, me being one of them. We should be allowed that option. Hell, I eat raw eats all the time, and I have yet to keel over from that. I think we should have freedom to get the foods we want, as well as their being alternative medicines smiled upon as well. I just don't want it where we have one, and only one, option with stuff like this.

Not wanting GMO foods does not make one an anti progress Amish person, same as criticizing government does not make one a person who's going to blow up buildings; or talking about actual aliens does not make someone a lunatic. Sorry if I'm not of the mold that accepts everything as fine, safe, and dandy, just because someone in a position of authority (and wealth) said so. I know all this independent, alternative thinking is not cool, er, sorry....not kewl, but I'm not one for wanting junk like MSG, aspartame, hydrogenated oils, nitrates, high fructose corn syrup and other stuff in my food, same for goes for GMO's.....and as I said, wanting the FDA to make it so that all foods with GMO ingredients are clearly labeled, like they do in other countries, should not be so damned impossible....and call me crazy if I think the government should be our bitches who follow our orders for a change, and not vice versa.

I'll probably one day move overseas, since at least in some ways, the governments of those other countries still seem to care somewhat more about the people than America seems to.....I mean if you can't get the FDA to do what a majority of the American pubic wants, what's left?

So far, I have yet to see anything that labels me a Luddite.
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