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Re: GMO foods.

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I'm against making foods that can potentially wreck a person's health, I mean would you feed something to your kids that made those lab rats get bloated with tumors and all that, I know I would not. Also, speaking of politics, I find it interesting Obama got one of the big names of Mon Santo on the FDA. So much for left wing types hating corporations, eh?
It depends. What caused the lab rats to get tumors? Was it the methodology or was it the food item? We found that saccharine could cause cancer in lab rats, but only if you gave them obscene amounts, far more than what a human being could possibly consume, and even then, it was discovered that what was actually killing the rats wasn't even possible in a human being. As a result, saccharin has since been labeled a "safe" food.

Just because a food has been genetically modified, doesn't make it harmful. "All natural" has become a buzzword that is practically useless as a description for healthy foods. Do you know how much junk goes into some "all natural" and "organic" foods?

Human beings have been tinkering with the human diet, and the human food supply, for thousands of years. It has lead to healthier bodies, longer lives, and better growth and development. While mistakes do get made, I would say that on the whole, what we've done with the food supply is amazing. Thanks to genetic modification, and new farming techniques, we can now feed billions of people, something that couldn't have been done before. Think about that.

And I prefer sweet potatoes, anyhow.
I love a good sweet potato.
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