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Re: GMO foods.

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I don't want something that some pimpy faced nerd/businessman in a lab coat created in a lab in my body
Better just throw out anything from a drug store then.

While I don't like some of the practices of big companies using GMO's to create monopolies, I don't have a problem with GMO tech in and of itself and feel there is a bit of hysteria against GMO products, condemning many without cause.

GMO technology is a tool. It's not inherently a bad thing.

You know what I worry about more? Luddites banning something based on fear of the new.
I don't go to drug stores. When I am sick, I head to my herb garden, or use wholesome food, you'll be amazed just how good nature can be if you give it a chance. And given that a bunch of countries banned GMO food, I don't think it's fear over something new, it's not wanting to eat food that can possible fuck one up. And seeing those rats bloated with tumors, amongst other things like sterility and what not, its more of common sense than paranoia regarding those countries banning GMO's.....including that nearly 100% of Americans wanting the FDA to make a law that has foods made with GMO's to clearly state it on the labels.....why is the FDA going, "Nope!" on this....majority rules, serve and protect the public......that sorta thing should be be what the FDA should do....follow our orders. Same goes with any government agency, we tell them something to do, and they go, "yes sir...." in a timid, mousy voice and then go crawl off and do as they are told, like the bitches they are supposed to be.

Also, I don't see why buying/selling unpasteurized milk has to be like buying cocaine. I literally have to meet up with the dairy farmer by some lonely dirt road and buy it there. We should be allowed to have it if we want....there's paranoia and hysteria right there with this "pasteurized only!" nonsense. When I drink that 'milk' in the stores, I get such terrible stomach aches and all that....and when I have the real, raw milk....I feel fine, in fact, I feel great...., no stomach aches, no constipation, nothing. Plus it tastes much better. Call me a picky bitch if I want what I eat to be as natural as natural can be.

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I never believed in the use or approval of GMO foods. I go by this one saying, Never Fuck with Mother Nature, she's a bitch goddess when you mess with her! I feel our foods should be left as nature intended, and I don't care what folks like Bill Gates or George Bush Sr. say about them being so great, plus most studies are by companies or agencies that profit from GMO's being made (of COURSE they are going to say their stuff is safe). Now before any of you give me any silly tin foil hat jokes, or silly pictures with cheesy captions for some childish LOL factor moment (I get enough of that each time a paranormal topic appears on this site ), let me say this.

Many countries have made it where law states all foods made with GMO ingredients must be labeled. Some countries even BANNED GMO foods. And a vast majority of the American public wants labeling laws so any GMO made foods will tell us they are GMO. Yet the FDA still refuses to do anything....they are either unable to do it, or most likely, unwilling to do it. FDA feels more like a police force for the drug companies and other industries like GMO food makers. I find it sad that America, as usual, is bringing up the rear when it comes to doing what's right.

And regardless of weather any of you think GMO's are safe or not safe, or Mon Santo being as evil as our politicians are, I am sure we can at least agree on this: Force the FDA to make the labeling laws that the majority of the American public wants, so that way we know what it is on the store shelves, and what we are feeding our selves and our loved ones.....I am sure that is in the least bit fair. I personally don't see why Monsanto and the other big companies should have all the say so, especially since they are getting the boot prints of the other countries on their behinds.

And here's some videos:
Wow. You must think Luther Burbank was history's greatest monster!
As for what you're discussing, it's more political and economical than it is nutritional. You have a problem with groups like Monsanto, I do as well, but GMO foods themselves are not inherently harmful.

Also, Luther Burbank made a bigger and better potato known as the Idaho potato. For that alone, I shall forever love Luther Burbank.
I'm against making foods that can potentially wreck a person's health, I mean would you feed something to your kids that made those lab rats get bloated with tumors and all that, I know I would not. Also, speaking of politics, I find it interesting Obama got one of the big names of Mon Santo on the FDA. So much for left wing types hating corporations, eh?

And I prefer sweet potatoes, anyhow.
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