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Re: The Revolution pilot is online now...

I've been watching Revolution and somewhat enjoying it and I'm finally caught up. I think a problem I have with this show, amongst other things is the brutality of the Militia to prove a point that they are evil. It's citizens are bad and must be wiped out, and then you have Militia being the good guys with good families and all that stuff. I think it stems from a big problem in that I want to see this society after this blackout. I'm interested in the concept of human nature having to live without electricity and how they manage. To make the Militia the one dimensional villains seems counter productive to that goal.

I know it's early and I'm liking what I see but I really hope we get more fleshing out of the societal relationships and "what gives". How did this great divide happen, and it seems there are very few good people left. Also, the 15 year gap is still bothering me in that they could easily be telling this story with a shorter (Like a 2 or 3 year) gap. What the heck happened in 15 years to get society to be this way.

As for Charlie, I like her but I wonder what if they got a better actress. I think then she would have been a much better character than what we've seen so far. I'm optimistic she improves and hopefully as the season goes on, we will see that.
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