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Re: GMO foods.

Hybrids are a lot different than what folks like Mon Santo do to make foods that have their own repelents and increase crop outcome (though it's a lie since many farmer in south america and india have committed suicide due to facts that the GMO's produce worse crop outcomes and they can't pay off their loans....or folks like Mon Santo taking away lands of farmers when they find out their seeds somehow made it to their farms without buying them, most of which happens by accident....also folks handling GMO cotton have to wear protective gloves because they are getting nasty skin rashes and all that). Hybrids are just cross breeding......GMO's are being changed on a much larger level.

Kestra....just ask your farmers if their crops are GMO.....I live in a rural community and the farmers personally told me they HAVE to buy GMO corn and soy seeds and so on, they are NOT allowed to buy non-GMO seeds. I avoid corn and soy at all costs, now. Oh, and if they did make berries and other stuff that you'd be not allergic too.....I'd be weary.....since we as race as not so smart as we think we are, we mostly go for the short term goal or short term project and not take into account of what can happen further down the road.....and that's when future generations suffer for the older generation's mistake/stupidity/greed. Plus the fact so many countries are in fact banning GMO's, I think America and Canada needs to be be that list as well, I'd personally ban GMO's and tell Mon Santo to go look for another job if it were up to me. I say just plant the seeds nature made, put the work into making them grow, harvest and enjoy.....I don't want something that some pimpy faced nerd/businessman in a lab coat created in a lab in my body, nor do I want them in the bodies of my friends and family.
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