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Bubbles McGee
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Re: The Most Interesting Man in the Galaxy

He can beat Spock at three-dimensional chess... by only using one dimension.

When the “Teacher” is down for maintenance, the women of Sigma Draconis VI ask him for help.

He once beat Khan Noonien Singh at arm wrestling...with his beard.

When they touch his tears, Elasian women fall madly in love with do the Elasian men.

If he’s running late, the Tholians will reschedule.

His bowel movements produce sleek and refined dilithium crystals.

He convinced Chekov that Russia is a Belgian invention.

He finds Vulcan neck-pinches “a little ticklish” but otherwise quite relaxing.

When beaming down to a strange, possibly hostile new planet; he gladly wears a red go with his red pants, red jacket, red shoes, and red fedora.
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