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Re: MLB Discussion - 2012 Season

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Now fans are getting HURT. The umps better stop this shit now.

Edit: ...And Bourn strikes out with the bases loaded.

Look, I don't mean to offend the Braves fans here on this board, 'cuz I'm guessing you're not at the game right now. But those jackasses in the stadium should be ashamed of themselves. They're damn lucky the umps didn't call a forfeit.

The call probably was bad. But I don't fucking care. Nothing justifies a riot like this.
Careful. People might start to think Yankees fans are insufferable with talk like that. We wouldn't want that would we.

Look, I'm not really in favor of the behavior of the people throwing things in Atlanta but to sit here like a haughty moralist and pretend like this is the only city and fanbase that could possibly act like this is laughable. Could you imagine if this would have happened in these same circumstances in Philadelphia or even...gasp...New York!

After watching the Braves play to an empty house for the last few years it was strange to see the fans actually, ya know...give a shit.
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