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What is the deal with the lack of Star Trek audio books? And why is that the few that we get are for the most part abridged?
The Star Trek Audioworks abridgments represent a very different time. Audio books were only just taking off, and the huge theatrical success of ST IV gave the necessary buying frenzy to secure the success of audio adaptations. The first abridgments were only 90 mins long, but so cleverly adapted!

I used to get answers that ST didn't get many audio books because there wasn't a strong enough market for it. I never understood that. I didn't necessarily think ST audio books would make it on the best seller's list, but I felt that there was a big enough fanbase to make a profit in the end.
Have you seen the full list?

Here's the one I compiled in 2007, the last time someone brought up the topic in a big way:

They did well enough in the day! Lots of titles! In later years, as audio sales in general dwindled, they shifted to mainly hardcovers only, but the length did get longer and longer. It was only with the mainstream shift to DVDs that unabridged audio novels really took off. But by then, the ST franchise itself had dwindled again, somewhat.

Perhaps the Trek actors had also priced themselves out of range? For me, I lost interest in the audios (but kept buying) when S&S Audio started using their stable of non-ST voice artists to narrate them.

I realize that a few of the Star Trek Best Sellers may have an unabridged version that you can now get on Audible, but, alas they are only a few. And they are limited to Classic Trek and TNG.
'Cos they were the bestsellers for Pocket in book form at the time.

You can put some of those DS9 "Season Eight" books out as unabridged audio presentations and I'm sure they will sell more than more obscure scifi/genre stuff that one can find at Audible and other audio providers.
I have to admit, I very, very rarely have the time or inclination to play an unabridged novel on audio, especially if I've already read the book. I still have Zachary Quinto's unabridged version of the Alan Dean Foster adaptation of Star Trek (2009) sitting her waiting for me to give it some attention. I hear it's great, but I'm never in one spot long enough and I haven't become plugged into my personal devices with earplugs like so many other commuters I see.
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