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Re: Data's high-speed heroics

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Only thing I can think of is that Data really wants to be human to the extent that he will do things well below his abilities, just to emulate a human.
This is the logical answer to most any question about Data's extraordinary qualities. This includes ordinary things like eating & sleeping

But all in all, it shows up as often as his super strength does. He works a console, he shuffles a deck. He reads at inhuman speeds. He sculpts & paints quickly in some episodes, & erects that model in Hero Worship

We just seem to notice it less, than when he does something of super human strength, & circumstances have been such that mostly his hyper dexterity isn't often needed in an emergency

& in many emergencies he moves at the same pace as everyone else, in order to keep the group safe, like when he ran from the Crystalline Entity
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