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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

Fascinating. Most fascinating. So unbelievably fascinating you wonder if it's real.

I can only urge anyone who has an interest in Kirk's Enterprise(s), its mechanical workings, structure et cetera to visit this thread. There are deviations from the main topic which however itselves are worth investigating. This definitely qualifies as some kind of Über-Thread I'd like to print out and have it binded as a reference book. Fantastic work of Peter C. and great input from a lot of obviously highly competent and devoted treknological fans.
While reading I had the strangest of Déja-Vues:
At the end of post # 229 there's a power distribution schematic which looks a lot like this: ("main engineering control panel") Is it possible to really give this panel a plausible meaning?

I've also noticed that recently there had been discussions about the length (and size) of the Enterprise. In found this anecdote from the Making of Star Trek interesting: "The original series format called for a crew complement of 203 persons. Overall length of the Enterprise was originally estimated at approximately 200 feet. Now, however, with the Enterprise design firmly established, it became obvious these two points were no longer valid. According to Matt Jefferies' calculations, the full-size Enterprise would measure 947 feet overall. With that much room to play with, the crew complement was boosted to 430." (summer 1965)

At that time the shuttlebay hadn't been constructed yet, but I'd say - depending what actual size you believe the Galileo shuttlecraft to have - that should help us to conclude a size range and obviously the upper limit would be helpful to feature circular corridors in the engineering hull and include seemingly high decks (unless you assume the overhead red areas to be holographic panels that create 'psychological space').

Regarding the existence of the (often mentioned) "impulse deck" I also found this passage from the Making of Star Trek helpful: "Propulsion for the primary hull is provided by impulse power. The impulse engine section is located at the bottom rear end of the saucer. Headquarters for the engineering division is also located in this same area, as are main engineering control facilities plus sufficient repair, storage, and other facilities to service the primary section when detached from the star-drive sections of the vessel."

Compare "Engineering Control Room" to "Engineering Section" (sign readable upon entry of room...). And there are Scotty's commands in "Naked Time" to his staff: "engine rooms, cycling station..."

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