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Re: Captain Sisko in First Contact

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I really don't think the scene with Lily needs to be changed though. I dunno, maybe I just like a female support character that isn't inevitably a romantic interest for the main male protagonist.
The problem with Lily is that her presence made the rest of the crew more almost unnecessary. I mean you have Beverly, who knows Picard more than anyone else and is closer to him than all the others, telling Lily some garbage like "when the captain makes up his mind it is final, blah, blah, blah." Nonsense. Here is Picard who needs someone to get through to him and Beverly takes a pass? Beverly should have marched right in to the captain office and told Jean Luc exactly what he needed to hear. But TPTB dismisses her and allows some stranger whom Picard met five seconds ago to give him the lecture. And he listens to her! Really?!?

Why did TPTB do this? Did they do it because it makes sense in terms of the story and the relationship of the characters? Hell, no. They did it because TPTB made it clear that only Patrick Stewart and Brent Spiner mattered when it came to the TNG films. TPTB always talked up the greatness of Stewart's acting and thus probably wanted some accalimed actress to stand toe-to-toe with him when giving Picard his dressing down. So they went with Alfre Woodard because God forbid if they gave Gates McFadden something to do, particularly if that something meant sharing a scene with The Great Patrick Stewart. The audcaity of such a concept.

Just one of the many flaws in this very flawed film that is overrated by far too many Star Trek fans. But I can especially never get past how shabbily TPTB treated any of the actors not named Stewat and Spiner. Even worse was the response of Trek fans at the time who justified those decisions by unintenionally dissing the rest of the cast as not being as good as the Big Two. Who cares if they weren't as good? They were good enough for seven successful seasons of the TV show so why throw them under the bus as soon as they do films? I'm not a huge fan of Firefly but I took notice that how in Serenity Whedon spread the wealth and gave everyone something interesting to do or at least interesting lines and moments (even though not all actors on that show were exactly equal in terms of ability). He remembered that all the characters mattered.

Oh, what was the original discussion about? That's right. Sisko.

No freakin' was was a TNG film going to use a DS9 character or an actor mostly associated with DS9. VOY actors? No problem. They used two of them in TNG films, including Mulgrew playing Janeway. But a DS9 character? Once a redheaded stepchild always a redheaded stepchild. Early on there were rumors that Sisko was going to make an appearance in a scene giving Worf permission to take the Defiant to the battle. But if that was an ever a possibility I'm sure Berman made sure it didn't make the final draft. Hell, Berman didn't even tell Ira steven Behr that they were trashing the Defiant in the film. That tells you all you need to know.
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