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Re: Elton Pope from "Love and Monsters" in "The Good Wife"

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Have you not seen him in Hustle? The Discworld miniseries Hogfather? Mad Dogs?

(BTW, a snippet from Wikipedia:
His character, Elton, was set to return to Doctor Who in its fourth series as the Doctor's on-going companion, but this was dropped in favour of Donna Noble
So there y'go.)

The Good Wife is one of those shows I'll watch if it's on.
Wonder where that idea came from? Per Russell's book, the companion was going to be the journalist Penny, and they had already written scripts with her in them. The whole season changed in favor of Donna, but they still brought in the companion-who-never-was in that Partners in Crime episode.
The Journalist Penny? Is that the Black Anchor Woman, who has a different hair style in each appearance, and I didn't ever catch she was the same Actress/Character through so many episodes, until they spotlighted her in the recent BBCA Doctor Who Special? I didn't get to see much of it, but, I saw she was talking about the part and they kept flashing various appearances of her.
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