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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

152. Troll 2 (F)
153. The Right Stuff (A-)

Troll 2: Can a movie exist that is the worst ever made? Probably not, but this one is, by all standards, horrible. (Also, hilarious). The popcorn scene might be one of my favorite moments in (bad) cinema.

The Right Stuff: I think this falls short of being a masterpiece for two reasons. One, Bill Conti's score feels a bit dated, especially when it goes heavily into synthesizers. Two, I don't care for the way the movie stretches a few of the facts (particularly what happens to Gus Grissom). There's obviously dramatic license being taken, but the drama that's extracted from the sequence seems unnecessary to the whole. Other than that, though, it's a damned good movie about the transition from test pilots to the early space program. It's also a three hour and twelve minute movie that hardly feels like it's two hours long. I only intended to watch half of it, but it was impossible to turn it off at that point.

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