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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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Kirk, you do not know what happens in these episodes or in Farscape as a whole. You have certain expectations and assumptions, but one of Farscape's goals and it's strength is that that it constantly strives to subvert those. Get used to it.

Or don't. You clearly are unable to look beyond your preconceived ideas. Stop watching.
No, I'm not going to stop watching. I've enjoyed a lot of what I've seen so far, too much to just stop. I will say that, after about a season and a half, subverting expectations is not a strength of the series. If I'm sure its going to suck, its sucked. After her first appearance, I expected I'd hate Chiana. I do. After seeing the first 2 minutes of Jeremiah Chrichton/A human Reacton, I knew they'd be bad episodes. From my point of view, I was right.

I don't need to "look beyond my preconceived ideas". I don't even know if I have many preconcieved ideas when it comes to this show. I didn't hate Chiana the very first time on screen, she earned my hate. Sure, she did it in her first episode, but it wasn't hate at first sight or anything. I will admit to hating the cliches, but thats because they are done poorly. You can do the "guy returns to a earth that he thinks is his own, but it isn't" thing well, Farscape just didn't do it. I'll admit that for some of these cliches, like the guy forced into marriage thing, I'm probably going to dislike even
if they are done well, but my mind can be changed, Farscape is just probably not the show thats going to do it at this point.

Why should I stop watching a show I've enjoyed a good portion of? I want to know what happens to John, Aeryn, Zhaan, Rygel, D'argo and Pilot. I want to see their adventures. Heck, I even want to see what happens with Crais and Talon, even if Talon is just a plot device that exsists just to put the crew into dangerous situations. Farscape is going through a rough patch, but with over 50 episodes left, I'm sure the average quality of the episodes will improve. I mean, it will still have the ocassional Chiana episode, unfortunately, but I still like the overall series plot, its just a bit of a struggle waiting for the show's writing to stop fluctuating in quality so much.
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