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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

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Yes and Mark was SOOOOO important to Janeway you can count the number of times he was mentioned on one hand. Heck did she ever even once talk about him to Chakotay before the Dear John letter scene? Certainly Janeway didn't raise it as an issue when objecting to Chakotay's advances.

Besides, remember Prime Factors? Janeway was about to make out with that French Magistrate until Ensign Cockblock stopped her. And that was at a time when she had every reasonable expectation of getting home.

Yes she did! I remember it was in one of the first episodes in season 1, when they talked about fraternisation. She said its natural that people turn to one another or something like that. And Chuckles asked her, if that also applies to the captain. She answered that as a captain she doesn't have the luxury and besides she intends to get home before Mark thinks she is dead. (Or something along those lines.)

But he wouldn't be the first male to hear only what he wants to hear and forget about the rest...
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