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Re: Glee - Season Four

Only the last song really "grabbed" me, but I thought all the songs were terrifically staged, something Glee continues to excel at.

While the level of the melodrama whizzed past me, I really enjoyed Blaine's rendering of Teenage Dream as a heartfelt ballad. Just him at the piano delivering the song without any other instrumental backing gave the song a buliding tension as it slowly became apparent that he was not just singing a tribute to Kurt.

The break-up song sung by Blaine, Kurt, Rachel, Phinn, looked like a fantasy. The singers giving their emotional "testimony" mostly to us rather their respective partners made it seem like they were each trying to make their individual cases with us as judge.

The final song, the one that started out with just Phinn but ended with all of the warring couples, was the cherry on top of the sundae (Phinn's singing notwithstanding). Even Brit got into the action. Just very well done and borderline moving.
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