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Re: Can you raise only one eyebrow?

Masquerade wrote: View Post
Yes. Though just the left one for some odd reason.

However, this discussion reminds me of a guy I knew in grade school who swore up and down he could move his ears, and then proceeded to contort his entire face. I think his ears moved... eventually.
Ooh! I can move my ears, too!

Kestra wrote: View Post
J., I can't watch the video yet but I will soon. Did you do that just now for the thread?
Yes, just for this thread (it's currently unlisted on Youtube).

Frau Blucher wrote: View Post
Kay John was just as strangely weird and cute as he always is.

I also had a suspicion roshi would turn up and scare everyone. It's sort of a board constant. Like if someone starts a thread saying "can you invert your [insert body part of choice]", he'll turn up with some picture that makes you want to move to Orkney.

This is why I love both of them.
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