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Re: Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Season 5 DVD problems

That's just madness.

What about if you use (I don't play games, but I have children who I forget to feed most of the time.) an emulator on your PC? You might have to buy an even stronger pc down the line to keep up with the specs of the ps4, but with a few hundred megs of illegal software, your pc can already process playstation 2 and 3 disks illegally quite well and without fret of big brother screwing you over... Which supplys a place to play second hand games and eventually once you get sick of their bullshit, Microsoft and Sony's fist hand games after you sell their stupid consol to buy a joystick adapter for your pc.

There's this old joke I love.

Q: How many copys of Microsoft Word did Microsoft sell in China in 2002?

A: One.

You go onto Youtube and there's people showing you how to crack open your game consol and solder shit into it to make it useful and less of an asshole like what they should have done with 3PO between Revenge of the Sith and New Hope.

I have too much rage inside to play video games, so I'm not talking about me, but the only people with the surplus money and time to play these games PROPPERLY are drug dealers and they're already going to jail if they can survive the small arms fire when the cops break their door down.

First Ammedment.

If the content of a game can be classified as free speach, then it must be illegal to charge for it?

How long does a copyright on a game last?

Does some *&^% like Atari still hold the rights to Pong?

When does Pong enter the public domain?
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