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Re: Did we ever see anyone vote in the Federation?

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A week to count all the votes, in some countries the result of an election is known within 12hours of polls closing. And that's wiith paper votes.
The largest of those democratic countries (India, population 1.2 billion) has a population that's likely something in the area of 0.12935051111% the size of the Federation's population.

[This is assuming 155 Federation Member states and an average Federation Member population of 6 billion; an average Federation Member colony population of 12 million and an average of 3 Member colonies per Member; an average Federation colony population of 100,000 and 123 Federation colonies; to yield a total population of nine hundred thirty-five billion, five hundred ninety-two million, three hundred thousand (935,592,300,000).]

Bottom line: It's ridiculous to expect a democracy the size of the Federation to be able to count all of its votes with care and accuracy in only one Earth day.
For paper ballots yes, but an electronic ballot system should be able to yield results within a day,
Whose day?

You're talking about something in the area of 500 different planets, starships, stations, outposts, and starbases, all of which use different local calenders and none of which would have identical "days." Any given planet's "day" would by definition start at different times, end at different times, and last for differing lengths of time.

Then there's the basic logistics of voting that we're all familiar with. Then there's the challenge of ensuring voter security in an electronic format. Then there's the challenge of data transmission and ensuring transmission security. Then there's the time delay in sending and receiving such information from one side of the Federation -- and beyond, since you're also talking about starships out on long-range exploration missions beyond Federation space -- to the other when the UFP is itself so large that it takes months for all but the fastest of Starfleet ships to traverse it. Then there's the challenge in putting it all together. Then you've to factor in the time it takes for two independent auditing firms to go over everything to make sure it's all kosher.

So, yeah, I'd say it's perfectly reasonable to say it takes seven Earth days to reach an accurate conclusion.

And besides -- what's the rush? It's silly to presume that you must know who wins that same day. Our ancestors understood that -- in 19th Century America, for instance, weeks could go by before the winner of a presidential election might be announced. It's silly to demand instant gratification on something like this.

And whilst the population for the UFP might be close to a trillion as you say. You forgot to account for voting age, which could halve that number.
There's no way to include that factor one way or the other, because we don't know what the age of majority is for different Federation Member's cultures. For all we know, Sulamid offspring are considered to have reached the age of majority at six months. All we can go on is a reasonable guestimate of overall population size.
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