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Re: My Hard Drive is About to Crash- What Should I Do?

But you can kinda see his point, since your reservations seem to be based on heebie jeebies and not actual reality of the situation. If you're using some random site you found, yeah, gamble. If you're using one of the many reputable places around, it's not really a gamble.

Even in your latest post, when you say " It's a gamble that I personally prefer not to take. But, if anybody else wants to try, that's their business." how do you NOT see that as unfounded fearmongering? Equivalent of acknowledging that your facts are wrong, but refusing to change your opinion anyway. Use a reputable place, it's not really a gamble like you're trying to imply.

Like trying to convince my parents that using their credit card online is safe, at most places. Just can't convince them. Yet they don't seem to have any problems with calling me and having me take that (low to non-existant) risk. As long as you don't go somewhere shady, you're fine.
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