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Re: Maneuvering in the Z-Axis...

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The question is, how fast can the Enterprise execute a dive or point its bow up? Why couldn't Kirk dodge a long-range torpedo by dropping instead of trying maneuver left or right? Consider, also, the advantage in coming in on an attack from an above angle, with your bow pointed straight at the enemy. He would have to point his bow up to fire at you, or try and go directly underneath you!

I guess the question is, why doesn't Kirk pull a Wrath of Khan more often?
That's what I was trying to say. Klingons could see Enterprise coming at them from millions of km away and would have plenty of time to turn up or down towards Enterprise. This could take place off screen.

I do agree with your torpedo point, though. Wasn't it in Balance of Terror that they tried to go reverse instead of just down? I can only imagine that the ball of plasma was somehow guided so they needed to get away as far as possible.
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